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A Demolition Contractor License is required to perform the complete demolition of a structure.

The Class A License allows for the complete demolition of any structure. The Class B License allows for the complete demolition of a building not exceeding three (3) stories, a maximum height of 40 feet, and covering a maximum lot space of 10,000 square feet.

This license must be renewed annually.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Business Income and Receipts Tax ID

  • Commercial Activity License 

  • Insurance

    • General Liability

      • $2,000,000 per occurrence

      • The City of Philadelphia must be named Additional Insured and Certificate Holder.

    • Automobile Liability Insurance

      • $300,000

    • Workman’s Compensation

      • $100,000 each accident

      • $100,000 each employee

      • $500,000 policy limit

Note: All insurance must be submitted on a Certificate of Liability.

  • License Bond

    • A license bond in the amount of $50,000 for a Class A License or $10,000 for a Class B License must be submitted on Form # 81-1010 A (Class A) or Form # 81-1010 B (Class B), bearing an original seal.

      • The bond shall be issued by a surety company holding a certificate of authority to transact business in Pennsylvania, having a minimum surety underwriting limitation of $1,000,000.

  • Safety Training

    • Identification of one or more Site Safety Manager(s) responsible for supervision of construction projects. All Site Safety managers must submit three (3) years of experience in the field of demolition. Work history must be supported by tax records indicating employment by a licensed demolition contractor or equivalent licensure by a local or state government.

      • Proof of completion of an OSHA 30 safety training course (or equivalent certified by the Department) within 5 years of application date must be submitted for each named Supervisor.

      • A Site Safety Manager may not be concurrently employed by another licensed Contractor.

      • Get information about programs that satisfy L&I’s OSHA 10 and 30 training requirements, as well as a list of authorized training resources.

  • Demolition Supervisor

    • Identification of one or more Demolition Supervisor(s) responsible for the preparation of the site safety plan.

    • Additional Requirements for Class “A” Demolition Contractors 

      • Proof of three (3) years prior experience in the field of demolition for both demolition supervisor and site safety manager. Work history must be documented through one of the following:

      • Tax records indicating employment in the field of demolition by a demolition contractor licensed in the field by a state of local government; or

      • Licensure in the field of demolition by a state or local government

  • Proof of successful completion of the Philadelphia Demolition Contractor Examination (Class A or Class B), administered by the International Code Council in the applicable category for the named Demolition Supervisor(s) within twelve (12) months of application date.

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