We don't just build you a website, we build you a complete online strategy, and a website.


A business must have a marketing mix;  incorporating  website, social media, graphic design and customer service as essential tools. With the right mix your business can maintain a professional image at the level that much larger corporations do.

We provide all the tools you need to complete your Marketing experience. The tools  that focus  on visual communication and presentation,  that attracts and persuades.

Graphic Design


§  Business Cards

§  Post Cards

§  Flyers

§  Brochures

      §  Letter Heads

§  Envelopes

§  Banners

§  Logos, etc.

Video Marketing

We create flawless, sharp, exciting and inspiring promotional videos, ready to be added to your site or uploaded directly to your social media.

Social Media

This is a standard feature on all the sites we create; Using   social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter will  drive traffic to your site, it allows you to establish and raise awareness to your services and products; increasing your prospect to make more online sales and services.


Our team has the know-how, experience and passion to build  you a unique, vibrant and engaging site, sites that attract and persuade... a website that is all yours.

Websites must be maintained to keep your customers engaged and informed with current and updated contents.


When setting up your new business, getting a business license and Taxpayer ID# are two of the important basics.



Activity License

Rental Licenses

Contractor License

Food License

Homecare Agency/Registry License

Employer ID#/EIN

Philadelphia Tax Account

Bill Check

The way we do business today has changed; let Essential Services help your business evolve into a professional company, with customize estimates, proposals and online invoicing and payment.