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A Contractor License is required of any contractor who performs work with a value exceeding $500 and does not require a specialized trade license.  This license must be renewed annually. 


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Business Income & Receipts Tax ID (Philadelphia Tax ID)

  • Commercial Activity License

  • Insurance – All insurance must be submitted on a Certificate of Liability

    • General Liability

      • $500,000 per occurrence

    • Automobile Liability Insurance

      • $300,000

    • Worker’s Compensation

      • $100,000 each accident

      • $100,000 each employee

      • $500,000 policy limit

  • Safety Training

    • Identification of one or more Supervisor(s) responsible for the supervision of construction projects.

      • Proof of completion of an OSHA 30 safety training course (or equivalent certified by the Department) within 5 years of application date must be submitted for each named Supervisor.

      • A Supervisor may not be concurrently employed by another licensed Contractor

      • Get information about programs that satisfy L&I’s OSHA 10 and 30 training requirements, as well as a list of authorized training resources.

Renewal Requirements

  • Must be current on the payment of all City of Philadelphia taxes.

  • Proof of active insurance policy and eligible Supervisor must be on-file with the Department.


  • Initial Application

    • There is a non-refundable application fee of $20.00 which is applied toward the License ($100.00).  The balance of the license fee is due upon application approval.

    • License Renewal Application – $100


  (1)   Definitions.

      (a)   Contractor. Any person, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or other business entity that performs or offers to perform construction services. The term "contractor" includes subcontractors of any tier that perform construction work.

      (b)   Prime Contractor. Any contractor that is identified on a permit application as the contractor responsible for the construction authorized by the permit.

      (c)   Construction. The demolition, erection, addition, conversion, improvement, modernization, rehabilitation, renovation, remodeling, repair or other alteration of any building, structure, real property or appurtenance thereto.

   (3)   License Required.

      (a)   No person or business entity of any type shall act as a Contractor unless the person or entity possesses a current and valid license issued under this Section.

 Demolition Contractor License

   (1)   Definitions.

      (a)   Class "A" Demolition Contractor. A demolition contractor authorized to demolish any size and type of structure.

      (b)   Class "B" Demolition Contractor. A demolition contractor authorized to demolish any size and type of structure except for Major Building.




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